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10 Years’ experience

Wedding Planning

Create & plan your perfect
wedding with Amour

Qualified Team

Amour employs the best wedding experts in Los Angeles to help you make your wedding unforgettable.

Professional Approach

We will thoroughly plan every element of your wedding ceremony so that you could enjoy your most important day.

Acceptable Prices

Our clients value our affordable pricing policy and great service that allow us to plan the best weddings.

What We Offer

Our team provides a variety of wedding-related services, from planning the ceremony to designing and organizing its every element.


Unique decoration services

Event Planning

Let us plan your wedding

Floral Design

Best bouquets for your event

Stunning Locations

Choose the best location for your wedding

Cake Design

Creative cake ideas for your event

Dance Lessons

Impress every guest with your dance

Our Portfolio

Below are some of the best moments captured during the latest weddings we have organized. Feel free to browse our website for more photos!

Plan Your Wedding In 4 Steps

Planning your wedding is not complex at all if you decide to trust us with this matter.
This short guide will help you find out more about our services.


Discuss your wedding with our planners

Initial Consultation

Includes: free consultation and budget definition

To make your wedding the best it can be, we recommend to consult with us first. Our team of wedding planners and vendors is always glad to provide you with necessary recommendations and tips on planning the most important event in your life.


Choose the venue of your wedding ceremony

Selecting the date and location

Includes: picking a restaurant/hotel or any other venue

The second step of wedding planning implies selecting the date of your future wedding ceremony and its location as well as the place where the wedding dinner will happen. We have a various catalog of restaurants and hotels ready to help you.


Select the options of your wedding

Pick Vendors & Additional Services

Includes: browsing vendors & services catalog

Choosing vendors is always a tricky and responsible step, whether it means selecting proper flourist services or considering various cake designs. We will help you make the right choice based on your preferences and budget.


Final step to your happiness

Confirm All Details & Get Married

Includes: final wedding plan overview

Finally, it’s time for getting ready to the best part of the whole event - getting married. But still, before it happens we recommend to check every vendor, service, and additional option you picked to make sure everything will go the way you want it to be.

Pricing Plans

Latest Posts

April 25, 2018

How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding: 5 Important Tips

More and more couples are choosing the Great Outdoors as the perfect venue to begin their married journey together. There are some unique things to consider however, if you are planning to celebrate your wedding on the beach, mountain top or under the stars. Your very first consideration...


Popular Vendors

Let’s Create the Best Wedding for You

Our team of vendors and wedding planners is always glad to create an unforgettable wedding for you and your guests.

Get in Touch
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